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678: Poems, Rants, & Jams

by Instagon

Young, Stoned, & infatuated... oh to be so naive again before everything became riddled with the bitter truth. Before the purity and honor of love could be shown to last only as long as the expiration date on ones current employment. To frolic in the world without worry or understanding of karmic justice. To be young where your mind and body both function within the same energy realm and not one trying to keep up with the others fantasies and nostalgic whims. The infatuation doesn't go away they are still just as lovely and glowing with sexy warmth... you want them...to touch them.. to fuck them.. but you get better at hiding your desire and even more so at giving in to it. The truth cannot be seen. you have reached an age of veils laced with the knowledge of time and experiences that come with them. Now, so much must be contemplated before trying the smallest thing Then, action was god. Worry is the age virus.. it gets us all.
Sacramento Sweetheart ============================= shes the girl I met in midtown at a party on 10th Street who captured my attention each time that we would meet she's my Sacramento Sweetheart my one true love in sactown no one can ever compare to the girl i met in midtown we have been friends for years we've been lovers and in tears trust built on time and love love etched in trust and time we have been more than friends even we cannot say that it ends she hurt my soul, but i learned regained control, but still I yearned for another bowl, might again get burned but i would take that toll, to be there, returned.. shes the girl I met in midtown at a party on 10th Street who captured my attention each time that we would meet she's my Sacramento Sweetheart my one true love in sactown no one can ever compare to the girl i met in midtown
21st Century Punk rock - pt 1 punk kid at least that's what he thinks that's what he calls himself when he goes out to drink hasn't been a kid now for at least 20 long years cant remember when it was when he started downing beers. Tries to live in memory lane by listening to the Gears but still has to be in the bar with all his ancient peers. Punk rock has become a cartoon of itself always changing the background, but never changing the characters Punk rock does not stand for anything any more, not that it stood for much..but now punk rock has become the den of conformity punk rock has become a generic bland term like hot dogs, or baseball, or apple pie punk rock likes to think its important now even though when it was important no one thought about it punk rock somehow became product culture Ramones t-shirts and Misfits tattoos under jackets with spikes and pins, & patches of course going for that true DIY classic look punk rock became the machine punk rock used to be about Mom's wanting to ban the Dead Kennedys now Mom's take their kids to the Mall to buy them Dead Kennedys shirts punk rock used to hide from main street now main street is more punk rock than you Can you afford to be punk rock and walk down main street. Oh, then you are not REALLY punk rock .. are you?? punk rock is the musical lie that keeps on giving.. punk rock will no longer change lives. punk rock is as safe as disco and hair metal. punk rock is acceptable and a great way to make a living. punk rock has died and no one seems to have noticed. move on to something new.. buy a jazz album and let it change your life.. buy a NOISE cassette and REALLY change your perspective.. but punk rock in the 21st Century.. is for jocks and little girls now.. might as well join a fraternity.
Have you? Have you ever smoked a bowl? Have you ever lost control? Have you ever toked a pipe, when the cherry was red and ripe? Have you ever tasted herb, and had your thoughts turn into blurbs? Have you ever had a hit, and said, “Man, that's good shit!”? Have you ever held a bong, and been entranced by its song, and mesmerized by the climbing smoke, that you took to be your toke? Have you ever gotten high, and then just sat back and sigh, and watch the time go by, with that redness in your eye? Have you ever been so stoned, that you thought your head was coned, and then laughed cuz it was not, and then blamed it on the pot? Have you ever smelled a bud that was sticky like fresh mud but with a smell so sweet and kind that you couldn't wait to show your mind? Have you ever smoked a joint while listening to a point that sounded so crystal clear but somehow you didn't hear? Have you ever been in need of finding tasty weed but not possessing enough cash to acquire that happy stash? If you have, you're not alone. You belong in the Temple of the Stoned. Where we worship day and night, getting high and feeling right. Telling stories with our friends, the next doing it again. The High Priests have the kindest kind. (the best that you can find) It's the most serene meditation for your soul... Have you ever smoked a bowl?
I wanna make out with you under a full moon the cool night air in your hair our faces binding in liplock our embrace tighter than ziplock passionately we swoon. I wanna make out with you in the pouring rain the hard tears of the gods washing over our bodies drenching our clothes while we suck the life out of each others tongues and our vision blurs in sparkled wonder I wanna make out with you on a hot summers day the sweat getting in the way and adding that sweet taste of salt to the way you normally taste when we are kissing this way spicing your lips like a margarita that I cannot wait to lick dry I wanna make out with you on an autumn evening the sky all orange and pink and the ground covered in faded brown and yellow leaves that fall softly from the trees and tangle in our hair while we don't even notice.. I wanna make out with you on a cold December morning the chill in the air makes our hungry breath disappear into steam as we appear to be so hot we are smoking.. I want to make out with you feel your lips press mine so seductively divine our tongues intertwine is more sweet than wine and you are so fine as upon you I dine.. I want to make out with you


This session was planned as a showcase for me to do some poetry and words with Instagon. We were booked to play a show with punk queen and legend MERI ST. MARY... and so i wanted to keep the jams to minimum and focus on the words for a change. It had been just over 5 years since the last time I did poetry during/with Instagon.. and the last time was a radio broadcast.. so this was the first LIVE word performance with the band in perhaps a decade!! For the occasion I brought a pile of mostly new poems and words ..stuff that was written in only the past few years, and I did not really get to do alot of it... but i did manage to pull some gems out when combined with the band... (Although I did bust out an old classic, "Have You?", in the middle of the set too.) "Sacramento Sweetheart" is a lyrical piece that was written just a few weeks ago.. The "21st Century Punk Rock, pt 1" rant was a combination of 2 shorter pieces, and then some additional material added to it the day OF this performance..so it was really really fresh! "I Wanna Make Out With You" is something that was written last year in the Spring, and I think worked really well in this format. The session also included 2 jams on classic Instagon riffs.. and all in all it was a pretty good session.. I think the weakest piece is the opening poem "Young, Stoned, & Infatuated" but that is mostly because my reading was off.. and some of the words are flubbed..but the session in general was great fun.. and the recordings captured are very worthy of sharing and so we are doing just that!! THIS was an experiment of sorts.. as i am attempting to do MORE words with Instagon this year.. be it lyrically or poetic. I hope you enjoy the 2 mediums colliding. - Lob , March 2015

This live recording is made available as a free download, but we graciously appreciate any donations you feel to make.


released March 9, 2015

Recording captured by Lob on Saturday, March 7, 2015
at SHINE in Sacramento,CA.
edited, mastered, & produced by Lob for TIF
cover photo by Darius Upshaw. Layout by Lob
all songs by Instagon, all words by Lob

Instagon session #678 players:
LOB - bass/vocals
STEPHEN A. ELLIOTT - keyboards




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Instagon Miami, Arizona

Instagon was conjured in 1993 and has been continually transforming since that time. Never the same ensemble on stage.. performing regularly with Lob at the helm.. the ritual continues & the music just evolves... Over 700 sessions.. & nearly as many different players, Instagon continues to combine musical notions & chaos theory into something that has become the most unique band project ever. ... more

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